How to Prevent GetResponse Email from going to Spam folder

So you are using GetResponse Email Automation but the emails go to the Spam or Junk folder.

There’s a lot of discussion on “How To Prevent Emails from Going to Spam” however this article is very specific to embedded links (specifically Clickbank link) that was causing the emails to hit the Spam folder most of the time.

Below is an explanation of how I resolved this specific issue.  I happened to have this issue when marketing “12 Minute Affiliate” using the Affiliate Link page to generate the link.

What I experienced may have been only on this particular product and may not be an issue for other products.

GetResponse Automation

I had this issue while promoting the 12 Minute Affiliate program using Automation Messages. The emails had my affiliate url in the format of <nickname>.clickbankgeneratedhopurl as a link in the body of the text.  My target email client was Godaddy Webmail.

Godaddy Spam Filter

I experienced that whenever GetResponse sent the email, the message went to the “Bulk Mail” folder which is the Godaddy Webmail default folder for Spam filtering.

Clickbank Affiliate URL

So I did some testing and found that the issue was related to the generated Clickbank Affiliate url. I was promoting the On Demand Auto-Webinar which has the indicator pid=11.  So to resolve this issue I went back to Clickbank and used the “Promote” button to generate the url. However when doing this, the url as created by Clickbank sent the traffic to the Main page of 12 Minute Affiliate not to the On Demand Auto-Webinar page. So to resolve this I modified the generated url to include “?pid=11” at the end of the url after the “/”. The resulting url would then be “https://……“.

BAM, went to the correct page and correctly used my Clickbank Account.

Email Clients

I tested the following email clients to gauge how often, if any, the emails went to Spam. My experience was that <10% went to Spam

  • Godaddy Webmail
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo

Should test Outlook 365 and AOL.


Hope this helps you!

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